For decades Lista has been been the one-stop shop for storage solutions, from automotive and industrial facilities to military and manufacturing applications, Lista provides quality products and professional service.  Lista does not just sell a product, we design a customized solution around your facilities unique needs and operations.



We know that time is money in your dealership and job turnaround is critical to your profitability. That’s why we’ve designed storage systems that maximize every cubic inch of available space and time-saving workspaces that shift your productivity into overdrive. 

We know that no two shops are alike. That’s why you can customize any solution to your specific needs. Every product is built to order, configurable, and backed by a lifetime guarantee – so you get what you want every time. 

We know image matters. Your Service and Parts Departments are on display just like your showroom. They need to project order, cleanliness, and professionalism. That’s why we offer functional solutions that are “dressed to impress”. From the Service Drive to the Service Department to the Parts Department and everywhere in between – we’ve got you covered.


download:  Lista Storage & Workspace Systems