From high workflow retro-fits to ground up installations, Production Supply has worked with truck dealers throughout British Columbia to design and build efficient and impressive service facilities.  Regardlesss of the size of your project we understand the specific demands of the heavy truck market.  From advanced highflow lubrication delivery systems to clean and efficient compressed air systems, we deliver our projects on time and on budget.

Our goal is to help you find the best possible working solution for your business keeping in mind each clients unique needs, application and above all, safety. Production Supply truck dealership clients rely on our experience, workmanship and industry knowledge to keep their shop's running smoothly, safely & efficiently. 

- fluid storage, distribution & management systems for all types motor & gear oils, DEF & coolant

- clean & efficient compressed air system layouts  calibrated for high volume applications

- mobile or fixed tool storage & parts storage solutions 

- HVLS (high volume low speed) overhead fan systems

- above ground exhaust extraction equipment

Please contact us for more informaiopn on this specialized field.