HVLS Fans for Any Commercial or Industrial Space


The company that invented the HVLS fan has created the next generation, introducing Airvolution-D. Compare the new AirVolution-D with conventional HVLS design & you'll see advantages in power, efficiency, intelligence & reliability at every turn.

AIR SUPERIORITY - MacroAir D780 features

  1. Sensorless permanent magnet brushless motor with gearless direct drive
  2. Only two moving parts & zero liquids or oils
  3. Drive unit is half the weight of other manufacturers
  4. Nasa inspired airfoil generates 45.5% blade efficiency
  5. 6 blade design optimizes efficiency & requires less energy
  6. Onboard microprocessor customized for HVLS fan environments (no VFD)
  7. Broad range power power input adapts to voltages automatically 
  8. Patented ball-mount system adjusts for compund angles & reduces installation time
  9. 50,000 running hours, full coverage, non-prorated equals 24 years based on average runs hours per year
  10. Three years warranty labor coverage


download:  The HVLS Challenge - A Side-by-Side Comparison


Headquartered in San Bernardino, CA, MacroAir is the pioneer of the HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fan industry. MacroAir products are made in the USA, but can be found around the world creating comfortable climates in a more cost-effective and energy-efficient way than traditional fans and HVAC systems.  MacroAir is drivern by four engineering principles:

moving air precisely,  moving air efficiently,  moving air smoothly,  moving air infinitely