The design and planning stage begins with a complete review of the existing facility or final architectural drawings. Consultation then takes place with all personnel involved in the operation of the service and parts departments. We come away with an understanding of the direction that needs to be followed to produce the required solution.

A facility design is generated specifying the location of the required services such as bulk fluid storage, dispense lcoations, compressed air supply and waste fluid collection. Additional equipment such as exhaust extraction, workstations, tool storage and HVLS fans are included on subsequent plans. All specific measurements will be noted in relation to locations of equipment to enable the accurate documentation of power and other operational service needs.

The project design gives you, the client, a visual impression of the form that the facility will take after considering all aspects desired to provide the optimal result in the space available. 

The completed layout design indicates to you exactly what Production Supply will be proposing in our proposal for the service facility equipment and operation.