AirCare De-Icer Lubricant

Specially formulated to prevent pneumatic valves, pumps and airlines from freezing. AirCare is non-toxic, non-flammable and is NOT a WHIMIS controlled product. It is safe to use in all standard airline lubricators or existing Production Supply de-icer tanks. AirCare has been field tested to -40˚ Celsisus!  The lubrication properties of AirCare prevent o-rings and seals from drying out and can be used year round. No special equipment required, just add to existing airline lubricators.

MSDS sheets available on request.

Frost-Free & Frost-Free V De-Icer Fluid & De-Icer Tanks

Frost-Free and Frost-Free V are specially formulated to prevent freezing in airlines. Frost-Free De-icer Tanks dispense Frost-Free into the air lines to prevent ice from forming. Frost-Free Tanks will keep your pneumatic equipment working regardless of sub-zero temperatures or high humidity. Frost-Free contains a lubricant and additives that prevent rubber and synthetic parts from drying out and becoming brittle.

Frost-Free cannot be dispensed from standard air-line lubricators. 

Frost-Free isa WHIMIS controlled product. M.S.D.S. sheets are available on request. 

Frost-Free is available in 20 Litre Pails & 205 Litre Drums.

Use Frost-Free in Frost-Free De-Icer Tanks.